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     Many positive testimonials have been provided for

Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA

                       Board Certified Behavior Analyst


   What Parents say –

“Our adult Autistic son has learned so much from Beth. He also does things for Beth that he would have never done for us. She has made a world of   difference in his behavior and manners with other people and                     the outside world.”  

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Beth.”

“We appreciate everything you have done.”

“Beth was an essential tool.”

" We love how Beth can take ABA and transfer it into Natural Environment Teaching."

“Beth’s home visit was an invaluable learning session that provided us with very specific interventions and strategies to deal with our son’s challenging behaviors at home. The interventions have also made our autistic son a much happier and interactive child!”

“Just knowing that you can call a real live person with a soft voice and who is very compassionate, and will be able to help you with your problems makes you feel like you have your own Guardian Angel named Beth Wells.”

“With the behavior management training, conducted by Beth, she provided lots of good ideas about how to help our children maintain the good behaviors and overcome the bad behaviors. She is wonderful.”

“I would like to thank Beth for an excellent program and devotion.”

"Thank you for your observations and behavior recommendations for our typical developing child. We've really started seeing some wonderful improvements."

"Because of your parent advisement and behavior plan, our child with disabilities has made much progress in our home. You are our 1st choice for behavior analysis consultations."

" You have done so much for our family! Your consultations are worth every single penny and lots more!"

" You write GREAT Behavior reports! "


     What other professionals and schools say –  

“Beth is a God sent. She has helped us to successfully implement numerous children with disabilities into our after school care programs with typical kids.”

“Beth provides invaluable assistance.”

“Beth will make it work.”

“As a thirty year teacher, I recognize the need for personal improvement and appreciate the opportunity to have worked with Beth.”

“Beth offered extraordinary staff training. Every one of us has implemented her professional advice on how to manage a disruptive, acting out, or difficult child.”

“We appreciate Beth’s efforts and wish to thank you for sharing your expertise with us. It is apparent that you are not just a professional doing a job but that you are a dedicated community activist who is making a difference in the lives of young people who need care and compassion.”

“We would like to commend Beth on her expertise and dedication.”

“The positive and useful feedback that she provides to the staff has made all the difference.”


    What do BCBA Supervision students say -

  " Dear Beth, Thank you so much for all the help, support, patience and encouragement you have shown me throughout the past year as my BCBA Supervisor. You have given me ample experience and demonstrated how to effectively work with individuals with various conditions and so much more. Thanks to you, my ABA knowledge has been broadened extensively and this will always be forever appreciated."

     " # 1 BCBA Supervisor "

" Beth is a BCBA Supervisor Extraordinaire"

" We really appreciate that you really work with us. We are are learning so much."

" Beth is my ABA Yoda."


     What staff say –

“Beth has been such a wonderful help to me. Beth sets up excellent programs.”

“Beth is extremely knowledgeable. Plus what she advises, works!”

“I have worked in many social service related jobs- but Beth is the most professional and effective advisor I have ever met.”

“She implements what is realistically possible for the best results.”

“I always look forward to seeing Beth when she visits our site.”

“Your training has given me life long skills that I will carry on with me into my special education teaching career.”

“Beth’s availability and her interaction with the clients, their parents, as well as the staff of our program has eased many, many difficult times. She has an effective, appropriate demeanor and tact with all age groups. I enjoyed learning from her.”

" She is a very good listener and great teacher."


     What audience participants say –   

“Your training is fabulous!”

“I enjoyed your Behavior Management training very much. You really taught me that ABA is not just only for problematic kids. You can apply ABA to the real world and in positive ways – even on my husband.”

“I learned a lot. Most of all, I learned that people with disabilities are people too.”


“ A+”

“We were extremely impressed with your presentation.”

“When we scheduled this training, I had no idea that the 80 plus staff in attendance would be so receptive to all you had to say. After our agency’s long morning of information gathering by our staff, during your presentation, you managed to build their attention, relax them and excite them at the same time.”


     What business professionals say –

“She gives great ideas that I would not have thought of!’

"Thanks so very much! I do appreciate your time and thoughts and you are absolutely right and I will make the changes to my business today! I'm so glad to have found you."

“Beth is very insightful to trends in business and helps me to go in the right direction.”

“Beth is very, very observant.  She notices things that I was not aware of that my business needed improvements with.”

“She directs me to make more MONEY!”

“She taught me how to use ABA principles to improve myself, my employees and the work environment.”


     What people say about the personal life coaching –  

“I need and love my ‘Beth’ sessions.”

“Very insightful and helpful.”

“You always have a way of making people feel good, even when things are very bad.”

“She helped me to make the right decisions that were attainable.”

"You helped me more than my psychologist!"


    What clients with disabilities say –

“Beth is the best.”

“Beth is my best teacher.”

“I want MORE Beth!”

“Beth helps me.”

“Beth really understands me."

"I trust Beth."

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