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     School / Daycare /After school Consults

ABA Behavior Analysis Consultations by a

Board Certified Behavior Analyst can make a positive difference

Applied Behavior Analysis assessments and interventions for

typical developing and disabled children.



            Behavior Analyst Services:

  -         Evaluate and advise on behavior modification interventions for           ‘typical’ developing and disabled children behavior issues

-          Functional Assessments and Functional Analysis

-          Provide expertise to Child Study team, Administrators and teachers

-          Inclusion of children with disabilities

-          Direct training of supervisors, teachers, paraprofessionals and other direct staff

-          Educate and implement ABA programs

-          Classroom and site observations / evaluations

-          Advise on improving ‘typical’ peer interaction with disabled children

-          Create more positive environment settings

-     Quality Assurance Evals

-    BCBA Supervision of Behavior Professionals

-  Behavior plans and therapy

- Academic and IEP advisement

-          Etc, etc, etc ……


Behavior Analyst Services available by contract in New Jersey

Phone, Long Distance advisement available Nationwide.

Please contact Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA

phone: 732-938-7336 






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