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Payment Options

   In person, Long Distance Phone, Video Review, Online ABA consultations

Payment via USPS Money Order OR

Major Credit/ Debit cards and e-checks

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    A personal Paypal account is not necessary to utilize this payment service.

 US Post Office money orders are also accepted for payment.

For International clients - all payments must be rendered as United States Dollar ( USD) currency.

All ABA related consultations are by appointment only. Payment is expected prior to consult.  Thanks !

Note: Board Certified Behavior Analysts

- BCBA level as of Sept 2011

 There are only approximately 8569 professionals with this highly specialized certification in the United States and Canada.



     In person consultations and lectures

Payment is expected upon services provided outlined in secured Contracts.

Businesses, School Districts, Community Services, State Agencies. Families etc may pay via secure checks.

 Fee schedule

     Phone consultations - behavior analysis telephone counseling advisement  

   -  available Nationwide                                                                                                       

    $40 for 30 minutes            $60 for 45 minutes           $80 per hour           

   Note: phone consulting depends upon the content of the request. Some requests ie behavior programming/assessments etc require direct observation and documentation. 

     IEP , IHP, Behavior Plan Review Service

    Review of plan document and phone consult for feedback / suggestions

     Email questions                                                                                                                    

$20 per approved email by Ms Wells to review and advise on 3 questions    

     DVD video or Webcam observation review and feedback/ Web consulting

    *** To be discussed with the Behavior Analyst as per each session***

In person consults available throughout NJ and nearby surrounding geographic areas     

     In- person consultations            

- Initial hour of Functional Behavior Assessment with and without written report $125 per related service hour   

Behavior Analysis consults $100 - $125 per related service hour

     Business In- person consultations                                                                            

- Initial hour of Behavior / Environment assessment $125                                                                                                                                                           $125 per related  behavior analysis service hour

     Full day fees and ongoing yearly contracts are available at lower rates. - All are dependent upon project length, hours needed etc which can be discussed at time of contract initiation.

     Lectures in New Jersey and nearby areas in PA, DE, NY and MD                                                                                                                                                              $275 per hour, plus all related travel and material / handouts expenses

     NJ Self Determination grants    - no longer accepting

     NJ Self Directed Plans or other services linked to the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities   - fees are $150 initial hour for all services / Self Directed and Essential Life plans, then $125 per related service hour.  This pay rate is firm.

    Alternative Pathways, LLC specialized staffing for In- home visits and Community services

- Pay rate for staff = $80 - $100 per hour.  

      Master degreed ABA consultants working towards their  Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis and supervised by Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA

    - Pay rate for staff = $40 - $65 per hour. 

            Highly trained Non-degreed and Bachelor level staff persons.                    

               Special Staff are supervised by Behavior Analyst,                                                        Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA

    BCBA Supervision                                                                                                   Professionals seeking BCBA supervision to meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Boardís requirements must contact Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA for further information on fees and interview process. Available Nationwide

Monthly Supervision required for BCaBA is available at a reasonable rate

      Career Advisement in Applied Behavior Analysis - contact via email with 'career' in subject line to Behavior Analyst Ms Wells for fees per 1/2 hour phone consults


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Business expense

Medical Flex Accounts

Credit Cards

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