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  Parent Coaching / Family Coach

Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA is a much higher credentialed professional than a regular parent    coach. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Masters degree and lots of ABA experience to guide and assist you with your child and their problem behavior.

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Parent Coaching for the family by a Behavior Expert

Nationally: Phone Consults / Video Review are available by appointment

In Person Consults available in NJ

"Parent Coaching, the newest self-help approach for overstretched parents, is catching on for several reasons...It is usually done by phone, letting parents squeeze in sessions without hiring baby sitters or taking time from work...Several parents said coaches have helped them change their children's behavior, or at least not get so upset or harbor unrealistic expectations." - The New York Times, March 13, 2005 

 Television shows like Nanny 911 and Super Nanny demonstrate the need for parent coaching.

Behavior Analyst's

Professional training:

      -    Applied Behavior Analysis

-    Positive Behavioral Supports

-    Teaching Family Model

      -    Case Management

Professional Parent and Family Coaching sessions

are for :




 Siblings and Other Caretakers



    Being a parent to kids can be a joy ....      



    and at times can be frustrating .....  


      A Parent Behavior Coaching session will provide                      the following advisory expertise:

      -     Objective assessment and behavior analysis guidance

      -    Breakdown of the issues currently happening with your children

      -     Provide effective and practical strategies

-          Direction on how to improve Parenting Skills

-      Provide Relationship Development Interventions

-      Learn how to discipline your children the right way

-          Teach Positive Parenting techniques to implement

-          Creating better parent and child relationships

-      Behavior plans and therapy

-          Professional listening and support given to parent / caretaker

-          Advice on how to address and correct various behavior issues

-          Setting up better routines

-          Interventions based upon Applied Behavior Analysis Principles

-      Early Intervention services

-      Disability Consultant- including Learning disabilities, ADHD / ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder etc.

-      Realistic advice

-      Address behavior issues and problems

-      work towards transformation of behaviors

-          Etc, etc …..


Please go see what parents have to say about                              Behavior Analyst consultations at the Testimonials page !


Services Available

Phone, Long Distance and Video Review consultations available Nationally.   

     - Call and set up an appointment whenever in need.

    -  Phone consults can be provided anywhere in the United States

    -  Observe and provide feedback on behaviors recorded via DVD or Webcam

    -  Use this service as often as necessary. No set number of monthly sessions.

    -  Web Consulting available

  In home consultations are also available for New Jersey residents.

-   will observe and evaluate the interactions and home environment

-   will provide feedback on strengths and areas needing improvement

-   Intervention advisement will based on Applied Behavior Analysis Principles



Lets get to work, call and set up a

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