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   A Board Certified Behavior Analyst to provide insightful and educational lectures and trainings.


 All Lectures and Training sessions are conducted by:                Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA

-          All of the listed lectures can address various needs and populations. Training will be adjusted to specific audiences.

-          Also, lectures and trainings can easily be custom designed for other special requested topics.



List :

Basic Behavior Management Training’                                                             - 5 hours total training ( 2 days - 2  sessions) includes ABA homework assignment      * 1 day shortened / abbreviated version is available

‘Disability Awareness and Sensitivity’ - 2 hour lecture

‘What is ABA Anyway ?’ copyrighted  - 

‘What makes a good Behavior Analyst?’ – 1 hour lecture

‘Making Inclusion a Success’ – will adjust time to audience's preferences

‘Example Case Reviews’                                                                                      – will present cases that are specific to the needs of the audience

‘Ask the Behavior Analyst Round Table Group Meeting’                               – a group of parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, social service staff or other professionals can get together at a designated place to share the costs


Will lecture and train in New Jersey and Nationwide


                 Please go to the Testimonial page to see what people say about these lectures !   


BCBA Supervision 

Available in person throughout New Jersey and long distance services Nationwide


            To set up a Lecture or Training - please call 732-938-7336 


or email for further information or requests






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