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  Ask the Behavior Analyst .com is a behavioral advisory consultation service that utilizes and educates individuals, groups and organizations about the principles of behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis is a discipline of behavior science. Its main purpose is to promote the shaping of behavior for the better.

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 What is a Behavior Analyst ?

  A Behavior Analyst is one who has extensive knowledge about the science of behavior. Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA ) can be utilized in numerous practical ways to positively influence how one interacts and adapts to various environments at home, in school, out in the community, while at play, in organizations, at work, in personal relationships etc…..

 Is Applied Behavior Analysis a recognized and professional discipline ?

  Applied Behavior Analysis is a very comprehensive and substantiated discipline amongst the helping professions. It has an extensive body of scientific knowledge with established standards for evidence-based practice.

ABA also has specific methods of application.

  In addition, Applied Behavior Analysis is fully recognized by the American Psychological Association as a valid science. ABA is considered to be a contributing division to psychology and other disciplines.

  Please review the Applied Behavior Analysis References page for further validation.

  Also, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst credentialing programs through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board are accredited by the National Council for Certifying Agencies.  NCCA is the accreditation council within the National Organization for Competency Assurance .

 What is a behavior anyway ?

  According to the Webster - Miriam dictionary online –

  The definition of a behavior is:  1. the manner of conducting oneself  b : anything that an organism does involving action and response to stimulation c : the response of an individual, 2. the way in which someone behaves; also : an instance of such       behavior, group, or species to its environment  3. the way in which something functions or operates

 Thus almost anything can be considered as a behavior.

   ( the ABA dog named Gizmo ! )

 What can a Behavior Analyst Consultant do ?

 - Will objectively analyze and operationalize :

                      a behavior / issue / situation / problem / environment

 - Develops goals, teaches techniques and advises on the implementation of strategic actions that utilize antecedent / consequential / environmental interventions

 - Provides ways to promote behavioral progress and monitor maintenance

 Why utilize Ask the Behavior advisement     consultation services ?

  Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA has over 22 years experience working with various populations and ages in the human services and healthcare fields.  She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a MS degree in Health Science from UMDNJ, Masters Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University, a Certified Senior Advisor, has a BA in Psychology with minors in Music and Biological Science and Case Management Certificate from Rutgers College, Rutgers University in New Jersey.

  Elizabeth ( Beth ) Wells is the Director of Alternative Pathways, LLC.

 Alternative Pathways has been providing services since 2002. Elizabeth has assessed,    counseled, advised, trained, supervised, coordinated, lectured, created positive setting   environments and coached many other interdisciplinary professionals, clients, parents, organizations, business, other behavior analysts, staff and everyday individuals throughout her career. She is a 'Behavior Expert'.

  Her experience is quite extensive for adults and children:

* Mental Health  * Learning Disabilities * Behavior Assessments 

* Developmental Disabilities  * ADHD / ADD   * Health Care  * Diagnosis Assistance

* Special Needs * Typical Developing children * Music Instruction

* Grant writing  * Functional Assessments * Brain Injury Rehabilitation 

* Behavior therapy  * Care Planning  * Behavior plans and therapy

* Positive Behavioral Supports / PBS  * Self Determination * ODD

* Family Counseling * Verbal Behavior * Functional Analysis * Parent Coaching

* Autism / Autism Spectrum Disorder / ASD  * Social Work  * Case Management

* Social Skills Training  * Relationship Development Interventions

* Advocacy  * Policy and Planning  * Senior Care  * IEP and IHP expertise

 * Blogger  * Psychiatric Disorders * Crisis Intervention * OCD

* Staff Training and Mentoring * Disability Inclusion

* Disability Awareness Education * Personal Life Coaching /Self Management

* In Home programming * Business and Career Advisement

* Natural Environment Teaching NET * Special Education Training

* Parent Training * Organizational Behavior Management / OBM

* Social Security Disability Applications  * Early Intervention

 * ADLs / Functional and Cognitive Assessment and Skills Training

* Professional Flutist and Flute Lessons  * Teaching Family Model

* Behavior Consultant Services  * Behavior Disorders / Issues

* Family Support  * Customer Service  * Behavior Coaching * Life Planning

* Medication Effectiveness Assessment * BCBA Supervision

* BCaBA Supervision * Promotes Transformation Changes

* Person Centered Thinking  * Certified Essential Lifestyle Planning Facilitator

* Etc ...

 What have clients said about this Behavior Analyst ?    

  Please see Testimonial page on this website

 Is there an interest in shaping behaviors today ?

  The answer is …  of course !!  There has been a major interest during these past few years regarding how behavior can be interesting to watch and be shaped for the better. Television shows like SUPER NANNY, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Intervention, Til Debt Do Us Part etc., they all showcase targeted behaviors and how the individuals work towards changing and / or achieving them.  In addition, look at all of the popular reality TV shows  featuring how people interact and respond in various environments like Survivor, The Celebrity Apprentice, Wife Swap, etc.  Next are shows that utilize behavior analysis techniques to solve crimes like Criminal Minds and The Mentalist.  Even Organizational Behavior Management has become quite popular due to the business world’s need to analyze and improve business management, marketing and customer service. TV shows like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss are looking to improve the aspects of business related behaviors.

Applied Behavior Analysis can make a positive difference!

So let's get started! We can help.

Ask the Behavior is looking forward to

shaping and improving behaviors with you !


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