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It is interesting to note that the healthcare / medical field has been looking at various ways to apply interdisciplinary approaches to their patients that they treat. There has been an interest by the healthcare / medical field to reach out to other disciplines to assist them with looking at the whole picture of their patients in order to provide better care. The medical field is starting to understand that medical tests and medication interventions are not the only available avenues to assess and treat their patients.  Applied Behavior Analysis can perhaps be one of those “other” disciplines that can further assist the medical field in assessing, diagnosing, developing and providing interventions for patients and clients.  Behavior analysts are interested in evaluating their clients’ behaviors and environments. ABA can compliment healthcare.

      Why hire Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA ?

    -    Board Certified Behavior Analyst

-      MS in Health Science, UMDNJ    4.0 GPA

Interdisciplinary Studies Department at School of Health Related Professions

-      Masters Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, Penn State University

-      BA in Psychology, Rutgers College, Rutgers University


Graduate level Core courses :

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

-          Information Management and Communication Technology in Healthcare

-          Healthcare Policy and Planning – special project: Various types of Stress as major contributors to health problems

-          Statistics and Research Methods in Healthcare – Quantitative and Qualitative

-          Evidence Based Literature Review in Health Science – Literature Review and Evaluation. final literature review:  Autism Diagnostic Tools

-          Graduate Project – Applied Behavior Analysis and Healthcare                                          Premise: "The Home Environment is really a part of the patient." Also presenting the importance of valuable Applied Behavior Analysis components that healthcare professionals should utilize with their patients.


As a Behavior Analyst and Consultant, I am always observing, interacting , assessing, evaluating, learning from, creating, shaping/changing, developing, measuring, enhancing, monitoring, reinforcing, teaching/training etc in various environments.  

It is my hope to offer my eclectic expertise to educate and improve various healthcare professionals’ clinical decisions, treatment protocols, policy and planning, interaction experiences with those they serve, healthcare settings and research initiatives.



Utilize the Applied Behavior Analysis discipline to create            an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare.                                                       

A Behavior Analysis Healthcare consultation could provide insightful and other perspective ideas for healthcare related  projects.


Behavior Analyst Consultations :

-         Work with institutions and groups on research projects

-         Advisory expertise for development, protocols, implementation, measurement,              analysis and results

-     Lecture trainings

-     Observe and evaluate healthcare settings, outcomes, processes, interactions

-     BCBA credential advisement

-     Medical Staff Training

-          Etc, etc ….

Also, please see Applied Behavior Analysis Support References page for further validation and reliability of the ABA discipline. 


 Contact : Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA  at 732-938-7336  

                email :  




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