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   Disability Consulting


Having a disability can be a very involved path.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst can provide better assistance and Applied Behavior Analysis expertise for those in need along the way.

 BCBA and Disability Consultant Services provided:

    -     Early Intervention

      -     Consultations for children and adults with various types of disabilities and Special needs

-          Behavior Analyst Consulting for In home ABA programs

-     Family support and advisement

-     BCBA Supervision services

-          Behavior assessment, behavior plans and therapy

-     Relationship Development Interventions

-     Social Skills development and training

-     Daily Living Skills / ADLs

-     Toilet Training

-          Work in conjunction with physicians for proper diagnosis and treatment

-          Expert education and guidance for various disabilities

-          Quality Assurance of existing behavior programs and treatment plans,

-          Trouble shoot stagnant behavior programs

-          Training and advisement for parents, staff, school districts, organizations, paraprofessionals, businesses etc.

-          Evaluate and train other healthcare professionals working with disability clients i.e.: physicians, nurses, social workers PT, OT, Speech therapists, Rehab techs, Behavior Assistants  etc..

-          Evaluations, advisements, training for teachers, school districts, child study teams, Social Service Agencies, Service Delivery Agencies, Community Service Providers

-          Development and advisement for IEP / IHP, treatment plans etc.

-          Inclusion for people with disabilities school, community, home, business organizations

-          Self Determination grants Support Broker Services  ( DDD eligible and in NJ only)

-          Special Needs Trust Coordination

-          Social Security Disability Application assistance and assessments

-          Sibling Support advisement

-          Life and Future Planning

-          Medicaid Eligibility advisement

-          Supervision and Mentoring consultations available for social service professionals and other behavior analysts

-          Facilitator for Circles of Support

-          Etc, etc, etc

  Disability populations experienced with:

 Children and Adults -  developmentally disabled, psychiatric, Autism, Mentally Ill and Chemically Addicted, dually diagnosed, brain injury, learning disabilities, dementia, ADD/ADHD, physically disabled etc.

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Online Consults

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