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Director and Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Elizabeth Wells, MS, BCBA, CSA


     Professional Disciplines             

     - Applied Behavior Analysis

     - Social Work / Social Services

     - Healthcare and Health Science

     - Psychology


   Board Certified Behavior Analyst Services by Beth Wells :

   Phone, Long distance, email, video review and BCBA Supervision consultations

are available NATIONALLY 

            In person ABA observations and consults for the home, organizations and community are offered in New Jersey and nearby states. Other states in the United States are by special arrangements.

  Education and Credentials:   

  Masters of Science in Health Science, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ

  - January 2006   4.0 GPA

  - Graduate project Applied Behavior Analysis and Healthcare providers

  - Board Certified Behavior Analyst ( BCBA)  - effective March 31, 2006

  - Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst ( BCABA ) effective December 31, 2003

  - Masters Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, Penn State University

  - Certified Senior Advisor ( CSA )

  - Graduate courses in Social Work, Rutgers University

  - BA in Psychology, Minors in Music and Biological Science, Rutgers College, Rutgers University

  - Certificate in Case Management, Rutgers School of Social Work

  - Essential Lifestyle Planning Facilitator Certification


What is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)?

     The following description is directly from the BACB website

    "The Board Certified Behavior Analyst is an independent practitioner who also may work as an employee or independent contractor for an organization. The BCBA conducts descriptive and systematic (e.g., analogue) behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provides behavior analytic interpretations of the results. The BCBA designs and supervises behavior analytic interventions. The BCBA is able to effectively develop and implement appropriate assessment and intervention methods for use in unfamiliar situations and for a range of cases. The BCBA seeks the consultation of more experienced practitioners when necessary. The BCBA teaches others to carry out ethical and effective behavior analytic interventions based on published research and designs and delivers instruction in behavior analysis. It is strongly recommended that the BCBA supervise the work of Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts and others who implement behavior analytic interventions."


    Note: Board Certified Behavior Analyst - BCBA level as of Sept 2011

 There are only approximately 8569 professionals with this highly specialized certification in the United States and Canada.


We believe in promoting positive progress by utilizing individual strengths, development of potential skills and natural environment contingencies.




Work Experience :

     Currently :

     Ask the Behavior July 2006 to present

       -    Nationwide in-person, phone and online Behavior Advisory Consults

     Alternative Pathways -  February 2002 to present as Director of Consultant Services

       -     Behavior Management Consultant / Behavior Analyst

       -     Self Determination Support Broker / grant writer

       -     Essential Life Planner

       -     Presenter of lectures and trainings

        -     Provide Behavior Analyst consultant expertise to:

                   Disability / Non-disability clients and families

                   Social service professionals / agencies

                   Educational systems / service professionals

                   Medical and business professionals

        -     Advisor on interdisciplinary teams

       -     BCBA Supervision services


     Past positions held

     - Epilepsy Foundation of NJ Behavior Consultant and Coordinator

     - NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities- Independent Contract DDD Case manager

  - Center for Innovative Family Achievements  ( CIFA/SERV Behavioral Health)                                 Behavior Specialist for Intensive Home Based services

     - Preferred Behavioral Health Residential Director for Chronic Psychiatric

     - Prudential Health Care Services Elite Super Team Medical Claims Examiner

     - Easter Seals Residential Counselor / Staff trainer Mental Health

     - Mentor Clinical Care Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services

     - ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) and Cerebral Palsy Respite Provider

     - Foodtown Supermarket Consumer commodity related services


  Populations served:

     Parents, teachers, medical professionals, typical developing children, business professionals, school districts, physicians, after school care programs, social service professionals and staff, therapists, Senior citizens, NJ State professionals, other Behavior Analysts, family units, health care consumers, everyday individuals,              Community Service providers  etc.

     Populations with disabilities served - ( children and adults ) developmentally disabled, psychiatric, Mentally Ill and Chemically Addicted, dually diagnosed, brain injury, learning disabilities, dementia, ADD/ADHD, Epilepsy, physically disabled etc.


Special Talents:

     Professional Flutist 

     Flute Teacher    Semiquaver 2

   * Flute Lessons

* only in Monmouth/Ocean counties, NJ

     Soprano singer



 Works in conjunction with :

     NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities

     NJ Division of Mental Health

     NJ Division of Disability Services

     NJ Department of Health and Human Services

     NJ Department of Children and Family Services

     NJ Department of Education

     NJSACC / NJ School After Care Coalition

     Social Security Administration

     Medicaid Eligibility Unit

     Etc ...



     ABA Related Trainings/Courses taken :

     Masters Certificate Applied Behavior Analysis, Penn State University 2003

    15 graduate level credits

     Penn State University ABA Faculty

     Dr John Neisworth     Dr Charles Hughes    Dr David Lee   Dr James McAfee

     Dr Richard Kubina    Dr Pamela Wolfe  Dr Kathryn Drager  Dr Kathy Ruhl

     Dr Brian Iwata ( adjunct prof.) *  Functional Analysis and Functional Assessment                           

     Dr Jose Martinez-Diaz (adjunct prof.) * ABA Principles and Ethics

     Dr Mark Sunberg  ( adjunct prof.) *  Verbal Behavior                               

     Dr Dennis Reid  ( adjunct prof.) * Organizational Behavior Management

     Dr Saul Axelrod ( adjunct prof.) *  Trigger Analysis to Teach Self Control,                       Antecedent and Education Techniques                                   

    Dr Beth Glassberg ( adjunct prof.)    Dr Raymond Romanczyk  ( adjunct prof.)*        

    Dr Sandra Harris ( adjunct prof.)       Dr Mary Jane Weiss  ( adjunct prof.)             

    Dr Gerald Shook , CEO of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board ( adjunct prof.)

    Dr Jack Michael ( adjunct prof.) ** Establishing and Motivational Operations

     ( * ) denotes - well known and major published accomplishments in the field of ABA

     Note :  Penn State University ABA Graduate program was honored in 2003 with the prestigious  Outstanding Credit Program award from the University Continuing Education Association



     Just to name a few - attended trainings / lectures

     Verbal Behavior Dr Vincent Carbone

     Positive Behavioral Supports Boggs Center, UMDNJ

     Functional Assessment  University of North Texas - ABA graduate course

     Verbal Behavior University of North Texas ABA graduate course

     Six Boxes TM   Business and Organizational Management Dr Carl Binder 

     Autism Lecture - Dr Temple Grandin

     Teaching Family Model Teaching Family Association /CIFA

     S.E.E - Seizures & Epilepsy Education -  Dr Mittan

     Ethics Training - through NJABA - Dr Jon Bailey

     All Kinds of Minds - Dr Mel Levine

    "Shore to Please" Customer Service Training Program - Doug Lipp

     Adult ADHD - UMDNJ Continuing and Outreach Education

     Alzheimer's Disease Continuum- UMDNJ Continuing and Outreach Education

     Anxiety Disorders - UMDNJ Continuing and Outreach Education

    Behavior Analysis & Classroom Management: Prevention, Management or Treatment                    - through NJABA - Dr Jon Bailey

    Direct Instruction Reading Programs - through NJABA- Dr Barbara Forte

    ADHD-  Gift or Disorder ? -  awarded Certificate of Academic Excellence - Dr Catherine Cain

    Behavior Challenges:  Integrated Behavioral and Medication Interventions- Dr Travis Thompson 

    Functional Assessment  and IEP Goals- through Douglas Outreach, Rutgers Univ. - Dr LaRue

    Positive Family Intervention - UMDNJ - Dr Mark Durand

    Psychotropic Medications- UMDNJ- Dr Ann Poindexter

    Engineering Independence/ Housing Environments - UMDNJ - George Braddock

    Ethics Training - Eden Institute of NJ

    Errorless Teaching- Dr Sidman - through NJABA

    Person Centered Thinking - Boggs Center, UMDNJ

    Positive Behavioral Supports - Dr David Rotholz through Boggs Center, UMDNJ

    PCT & Essential Lifestyle Planning Facilitator Certification through the Boggs Center / UMDNJ

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : Practical Strategies - Dr Sheryl Jackson through Cross Country

    Train the Practitioner  for Parent Training - Florida Institute of Technology

    Understanding NJ Insurance Laws and Coverage for Treatment of Autism - NJABA

    Applications of Behavior Analysis in Pediatric Feeding Disorders - Dr Berkowitz

    Organizational Behavior Management for Human Services: Recent Research in Employee   Assessment and Delivery - NJABA

Current Professional Memberships :

New Jersey Association of Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism New Jersey - formerly NJCOSAC


Reference Material Subscriptions:

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Psychology Today

Discover Magazine



  Former Special Mentors

Dr William Reichman, Neuropsychiatrist, UMDNJ

Dr Michael Miller, Cognitive Psychologist, UMDNJ

Dr Daniel Ogilvie, Research Psychologist and Professor, Rutgers University

Dr Meg Kilduff, Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Dept, UMDNJ


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